The A.D.C.I
The Amateur Drama Council of Ireland (A.D.C.I) is the federation of amateur drama festivals for the whole of Ireland - North and South. A.D.C.I was founded in 1952 and has coordinated the running of preliminary drama festivals and All Ireland festivals ever since. The principal objects of the Council are to foster, develop, promote and encourage amateur drama in Ireland and to organise annually All Ireland Drama Festivals.
All-Ireland Festivals
There are three All Ireland Drama Festivals: 
- The full-length
Open festival (for experienced drama groups)
- The full-length
Confined festival (for less experienced groups)
- The
One act festival, which is organized jointly with The Drama League
of Ireland (D.L.I.)

The first All-Ireland Drama Festival was held in Athlone in 1953 and the full-length open All Ireland Festival has been held there ever since, celebrating its jubilee year in 2002. 

The full-length confined All Ireland Festival rotates around the provinces annually with the 2014 Confined Finals in Connacht, 2015 in Leinster, 2016 in Ulster
(Castleblayney), 2017 in Munster etc.

The One Act Finals rotates throughout the island annually at a venue decided by the joint ADCI/DLI committee. Castleblayney hosted the All-Ireland One Act Finals in 2023.

Festival Circuits
The Council currently has thirty-eight full-length member festivals and nine one-act member festivals. The full-length festival circuit commences each year in February and finishes by the first Sunday in April. The one act circuit runs in October/November annually. Each festival runs an open and confined section, unless granted an exemption, and performances are adjudicated upon by a Council approved adjudicator. Marks awarded in accordance with the A.D.C.I marking system and the highest marked festivals qualify for the All Ireland finals. 
Amateur Drama Council of Ireland