Lislea Dramatic Players

Castles in the Air
by Martin Lynch

5 March 2019
8.00 p.m.

The theatre doors will close strictly at 8.00!
Please be seated by 7.50.

(Please note: no food or drink will be allowed in the theatre during any performance, as this is a competition.)

The Play

A story of a family struggling with a life of poverty in a place of unemployment, poor housing, anti-social behaviour, drink, drugs and domestic abuse.

The specific incident around which some of the play is drawn, was inspired by the true story of Turf Lodge woman Rosaleen Nolan.

Martin Lynch

Scene: An open-plan section of a flats and maisonette complex in a run-down neighbourhood.


Mary Fullerton

Anne Garvey

Pauline Fullerton

Ellen Hannaway

Tommy "Razor Blade"

Aidan McParland

Bap O'Hare

Sean Cully


Donal Morgan

Frank Fullerton

Liam Hannaway

Miss Gorman

Eimear Grimes


Caolan Murphy



John Campbell

Set Design

Tony Donaghy

Set Construction/Crew

Tony Donaghy
Aengus Hannaway
Grainne Hannaway
Sean Cunningham
Brian Fitzpatrick
Paul Fox
Members of the Cast

Stage Manager

Josephine McParland assisted by
Eileen Crawley
Cathal Murphy

Lighting Design

Paddy Farrelly

Lighting Technicians

Demose Crawley
Paddy Farrelly


Catriona Campbell

The Group

The Lislea Dramatic Players were formed in 1940, performing plays for the local community year on year. In recent times they have played on the festival circuit with some success. This year they are delighted to welcome four young actors making their debut: Ellen as Pauline, Donal as Kieran, Sean as Bap and Caolan playing Eddie. May they 'break a leg'.
Cast Photo
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Cast and Crew Photo
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