Salmon Eile

The Pitchfork Disney

by Philip Ridley

(Adult Content)

6 March 2023
8.00 p.m.

The theatre doors will close strictly at 8.00!
Please be seated by 7.50.

(Please note: no food or drink will be allowed in the theatre during any performance, as this is a competition.)

The Play

Presley and Haley, two siblings, live in a squalid flat in a ruined world. Their parents seem to have died years ago, and now they wile away a schizophrenic existence by feeding off chocolate and ‘Mum and Dad’s medicine’. One day however, an interloper appears, and things start to go very wrong.


Haley Stray

Phoebe O'Leary

Pressley Stray

Robert Gallagher

Cosmo Disney

Luke Devaney

Pitchfork Cavalier

Paddy Gorry



Philip Byrne

Stage Manager

Beibhinn Whelan

Lights and Sound

Líadan Ní Chearuil

Sound Design

Luke Devaney

Set Design

Philip Byrne

Set Construction

Conor Burnell
íadan Ní Chearuil

Stage Crew

Sarah Talbot
Diarmaid Morley
Ciaran Kendrick
James Goodman

The Group

Founded in 2015 in Leixlip Salmon Eile has put on numerous shows in Leixlip and the greater Dublin area, with the goal of challenging their audience and themselves. The group has competed in the One Act All Ireland on three occasions, with their best result being in 2015 when they finished 2nd in the All-Ireland finals with “Virtual Reality” by Alan Arkin. Other favourite plays performed by the group include “Gum and Goo” by Howard Brenton, “Bouncers” by John Godber, “Stags and Hens” by Willy Russell and “Bad Sunday” by Mark Wale. The Pitchfork Disney will be the first time Salmon Eile have competed on the 3-act circuit.