Lislea Dramatic Players

See How They Run

by Philip King


3 March 2023

8.00 p.m.

The theatre doors will close strictly at 8.00!
Please be seated by 7.50.

(Please note: no food or drink will be allowed in the theatre during any performance, as this is a competition.)

The Play

Set in a vicarage at the end of World War 2 in a vicarage where the local vicar has married a west end actress to the consternation of some of the villagers. As the Vicar prepares for a ceremony the next day all turns a bit frantic with unannounced visitors and unwanted visitors. A laugh a minute farce for the whole family.

The Cast


Ellen Hannaway

Miss Skillon

Anne Garvey

Rev Lionel Toop

Aengus Hannaway

Penelope Toop

Deirdre Coulter

L. C. Clive Winton

Aiden McParland

The Intruder

Cathal Murphy

Bishop of Lax

John Campbell

Rev Arthur Humphrey

Jerome Burns

Sergeant Towers

Sean Cunningham



Liam Hannaway

Set Design

Tony Donaghy

Stage Artist

Grainne Hannaway

Stage Crew

Aengus Hannaway
Sean Cunningham
John Campbell
Tony McParland
John McParland
Paul Grant


Eoin Hannaway
Denise Crawley


Grainne Hannaway

Stage Managment

Catriona Campbell
Leeza Doherty
Eileen Crawley

The Group

Lislea Dramatic Players were formed in 1940 and have staged productions practically every year since. They have performed many times in the last 10 years in the All Ireland finals. They perform plays of various genre and this year have decided on an English farce with the purpose of giving audiences a fun night out for all the family in these trying times.