For the novice audience member to One-Act plays, within the ADCI/NLI circuit, here are some general rules the groups must follow for adjudication which may help explain the variation from the three-act plays we normally see in our festivals:

  • Groups must register the National Secretary of the Joint Committee.
  • Festival participation is confined to amateur groups and is for one-act plays only

Performance Rules

  • The use of sets is not allowed. Only free standing props may be allowed and the majority of the setting should be in front of drapes or curtains. Imagination within this limitation is encouraged.
  • Groups must set up in 10 minutes and strike in 5 minutes.
  • Minimum of 2 actors in each play.
  • Plays must not exceed 55 minutes in duration and not less than 20.
  • Each group may compete or participate in a maximum of six festivals but may take qualification points from three festivals only.
  • In the event of two or more competing groups having equal makes for the last qualification place in the All-Ireland Finals, marks from a fourth and subsequent festival may be taken into account to decide on qualification.

Schedule as per the draw prior to the event
  • Mixed Open and Confined groups will perform in draw order
  • 3 plays on Friday + adjudication
  • 3 plays on Saturday evening + adjudication
  • 5 on Sunday + adjudication and awards for winning groups / actors